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The baal shem tov 2 explained that this refers to a person who reads the megillah believing that the story it tells occurred only in the past that is, he reads it backwards, as a retrospective account and that the miracle of purim does not endure into the present.

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with purim ending thursday night, and with the swift arrival of shabbos, we will still be grasping at the sense of euphoria that was brought on by the unique inner joy of purim.

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poppy seeds are used on purim because queen esther supposedly subsisted for three days on them and chickpeas while she worked up the courage to tell her husband of haman s plan to annihilate the jews.

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26 and as past redemption gives strength for future redemption,27 from purim the messianic age will flow, when concealment will be turned into revelation, and night will shine like day.


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