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I have not seen any studies that benadryl would help or hinder the use of this natural product.

It is also worth noting that dogs with glaucoma, heart or lung disease, or thyroid problems should never be given benadryl, but if in doubt as to the suitability of benadryl for your pet, check with your vet.

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My husband talk to our pediatrician and she recommended giving my daughter 1 4 teaspoon of benadryl 30 mins before bedtime for a week to see if will help my lo sleep better at night.

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My benadryl is strictly diphenhydramine.

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You need to try benadryl before the flight.

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Benadryl-d is a combination of benadryl, an antihistamine, and pseudoephedrine, a decongestant.

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if your child is suffering from the cold then you should not give him any dosage because there are no proven results for the using benadryl in cold condition.


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